Please note that your vehicle before taking delivery of all the necessary paperwork ready;

- Driver's license
- A valid credit card issued in your name
- Booking confirmation document

Terms & Conditions

We will deliver your vehicle make pre-booking tool will be ready when you come to our office. All our vehicles to show all the necessary care and sensitivity to be ready to hire in terms of mechanical and comfort is our first priority. when you consider whether the provision of this standard 0 (462) 32 33 462 call center to hire us or your staff about this message.

Control Pre-Hire

You want to carefully examine your vehicle before taking delivery of your car and, if specified in the contract if any scratches or damage is caused by the renewal of contracts with talking about it. Unspecified damages in the contract when submitting your car at the rental period will be deemed to have occurred and we will indicate you will be liable for these losses as customers.

Fuel Availability

Leased vehicles delivered to you as full of empty warehouses in normal circumstances. Return the vehicle, you must bring your vehicle back empty tank. If your vehicle is receiving a full tank, you need to bring in a certain amount in the same way.