Tax Advantages - BLT Car Rental

Tax Advantages


» LESS INCOME AND CORPORATE TAXAll of these bills as you monthly rental payments can be deducted from the tax base at a time by writing to pay expenses are recorded as expense during the 3-month balance sheet. year for the automobile in the year you receive your company (12 months) is not possible to depreciation. You depreciation for the period until six months after the end of the year. However, all of the expenses incurred when you buy the car can be expensed through depreciation over 5 years. When you rent a car finance expenses, such as depreciation you will not need to bother with the details or re-evaluation. to be recognized as an expense plus 100% of the gasoline bill also creates tax advantages.

» Your EASY INVOICE EXPENSESAccounting costs associated with your car, maintenance, etc. such as invoice and to deal with many of these bills do not have to do the audit. The division of the year should revaluation depreciation, insurance, you do not have to deal with details such damage. all you solutions that work with a single bill belongs to the leasing company.

» NO SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE COSTSPeriodic maintenance, general maintenance, all repair costs resulting from damage to the tool, every 50,000 km from tire costs and all other costs are made necessary by BLT Car Rental. In particular, a large number of companies with vehicle fleets, tire change, they must pay the costs charged for parts and maintenance. However, there will be no such obligation when renting vehicles.

» ALWAYS NEW CARAt the end of the lease term, whether the vehicle in accordance with the demands of your company if desired, be replaced with new models taken into consideration for the second year. Thus, the risk of selling 2nd hand vehicles, 0 Km disappear and if you want you can use new tools in accordance with the conditions you specify whether you will continue to lease the same vehicle. In case of purchase of the vehicle, the average 2 - 2,5 years after the vehicle's economic life is already full. vehicles are usually sold after an average of 1 year from this time. 2nd hand car you want to sell your will not receive the money in the form of public bidding or selling, or whether you will need to purchase individual vehicles ads. In this case, the companies seem to have achieved profits significantly over the sale price. But you are not one of those profits also forced to give tax is generally ignored. Due to the purchase of tools, your company is faced with serious financial loss ratio. Meanwhile KDV you receive because of the vehicle's sales' s are obliged to pay in terms of finances. In case of purchase of the vehicle, rather than the financial loss occurs, it is likely to receive production funding available. Increasing production will provide sales and the rise in profitability.

» Do NOT INSURANCE RISK AND COSTCar Insurance of vehicles in the car rental system is made by BLT Car Rental. Therefore, you get the vehicle by way of lease or buy a car on credit, if you like the capital Get your own car, you are faced with a cost of automobile installed in every conditions. If you can not make insurance of your vehicle this time if there is a risk that pert undergo a major accident. Your vehicle will be scrapped if it is pert. However, if you do hire to meet all of these responsibilities BLT Car Rental and you are in no way kalmamakt without tools.

» COST AND EXPENSES are fixedEliminate costs through monthly payments are fixed for the duration of your lease. Any extra payments or interim payments or installment payments are no recent addition. Also you have to pay interest at the annual budget that makes it easier to do than in a healthy way.